Golf Sweepstakes Story & Mission was created to hold weekly golf sweepstakes contests every 7 days.  You do NOT need to buy anything, just enter with your email address and have a valid address in the lower 48 United States.

Our goal is to make winning golf products fun and easy! Because our sweepstakes don’t go on forever (as with many other giveaways with elaborate big-ticket prizes), we are currently offering smaller golf products, like golf accessories, balls, gloves, books.

We do have a pretty ambitious plan to expand.

Before explaining that plan, we want to mention that we have a special place in our hearts for The First Tee

Which is why we donate 10% of our profits each December to our local chapter.
We will also give an additional $5 for every weekly winner who posts to Facebook and/or Twitter/Instagram that they have received the prize they won and had a great experience with us.

As for our expansion:

We currently have fewer than 5,000 participants.  One we reach 5,000 participants, we will offer a more substantial giveaway golf prize.

We plan to offer an even more substantial giveaway golf prize when we hit 10,000 participants.  Don’t worry, we like to be transparent at and we will update our participants on a monthly basis once we reach 5,000.

So, we realize that you will have a less likely chance to win the more participants we have, but we hope that the incentive for more prizes and a larger donation to The First Tee will be enough to encourage you to share our mission with others.

Overall we hope to provide a great experience with winning here at Again, we realize that our prizes are not big-ticket items (at least for now), but we are 100% legitimate and a winner is selected every week. Our giveaway contests don’t drag on for months, but are only live for a week. Not only that, but everybody that visits our site gets to VOTE on which prize they would like to see included in the sweepstakes for the following week! We have found no other sweepstakes that offers this type of interaction.

Enter your email address to the right, and vote for the next prize giveaway.

Thank you for reading this, providing us with your email address, voting for the next prize giveaway, and sharing our site with your friends.

Good Luck!!

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